Aubyn Vocals

Born and raised a Chicagoan, Aubyn has been singing in choirs, writing songs on her guitar, and making the stage her second home since childhood. She has been involved in various rock groups including Beauty and the Breakdown, Crosstown Classic, & Aubyn Beth. Her favorite musician is Jason Mraz, but her favorite band is Fallout Boy. Right now she's diggin hard on some early Every Avenue and Jesse Jay. Her religious affiliation, when asked to comment, was said to be "the church of baseball."

Glenn Guitar

Glenn, Farraday's resident hipster and film afficianado is from Lake Zurich, Illinois. A Columbia College graduate, Glenn brings not only his directorial background to the group, but his guitar skills and Star Wars Knowledge as well. Growing up playing the piano, Glenn longed for just the right amount of bad-ass, which he found in his most excellent Gibson SG/Mesa Boogie combo. He has been a part of bands including WAEF, Addison Park, and Aubyn Beth. Glenn enjoys fedoras.

Ender Guitar & Vocals

The name started as a joke, but quickly became all that he is referred to by. When he's not playing guitar for Farraday, he's building websites (like this one) and practicing his Ray Liotta laugh in the mirror. He's played guitar and sang in numorus bands including Robot Love Story and Lesser Concern to name a few. He is supposedly a health nut, eats plenty of spicy exotic foods, and can out drink pretty much anyone you know.

Danny Keyboards

Danny, Farraday's own personal Joseph Gordon-Levitt impersonator, tickles the keys on his Roland, Baby Korg, and MacBook Pro. A master of both piano and music production, Danny is the face behind the electronic sound you hear from Farraday. Growing up behind the drum kit, Danny decided to take his love of beats and play piano for the bands Addison Park and Aubyn Beth. Danny LOVES gold.

William Drums

A Native North Dakotan, a glutton for ridiculous knowledge and the foremost band authority on movie quotes, William has been playing drums for over 15 years, appearing in such bands as How Bright The Sky and Robot Love Story. He plays on Pork Pie Drums, with Zildjian A Custom cymbals and Pro Mark sticks. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite movie is Casablanca. He also hates people who hate people....