Short Bio:

Farraday is a female led pop-punk band out of Chicago, IL started by six friends with one goal in mind: to make great music. The band has a deeply rooted DIY work ethic and utilizes their talents to handle all their own merch, print, web design, video production, and booking.

With a self released full length album "Where I Belong" &  EP "The Fear of Missing Out", and other singles released under Pittsburgh indie label Modern Short Stories, this hard working, energetic, sextet is bringing their love of pop punk to every corner of Chicago and beyond.

Who We Are:

Chicago has been the proverbial fertile crescent of pop rock and pop punk bands since the turn of this century. So it is in this mold that the next in a long pedigree of musical heavy hitters comes from the very streets that shaped a generation of music. Farraday formed in the fall of 2010 as an amalgamation of the best parts of some of the most endearing local Chicago bands in the past five years. Aubyn Scolnick (formerly of Beauty and The Breakdown), Glenn Eck and Danny Casady (of Addison Park ) and Nic Kaiser and William Scott (former members of Robot Love Story and How Bright The Sky) decided on one unusually warm November day to combine their talents and vast knowledge of movie quotes, and bring it to the people of Chicago and the world beyond.

Much like the circumstances that brought this eclectically diverse band together, the sound they produce is representative of the city they call home. A surprising fusion of pop, punk, hip hop, swing, indie, and garage rock all combine into a exhilarating live show that will fill you with an overpowering desire to pump your fist or nod your head in ecstatic approval.

The best way to describe Farraday is a gang of best friends and excellent musicians laying it all on the line with every note and lyric on the stage and in your radio. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.